Genre: Action

Malini and Co movie is a action thriller based on a terrorism Lankavi (there is a village in Malaysia), there Tamil people fight for their rights. Military people want to control the terrorism in their country. In this process a Commander by name, Bakshi kills the people and tries to turn the kids as Snipper Dogs. After 15 years a lady by name Malini come to Mumbai from Kerala and opens a Massage centre in Adarsh Colony, Malini attracts the guys who are already married, so their wives want to vacate Malini from their Colony, Police also forces her to vacate the colony, but she has support from Dhanraj Mudaliar, Malini character reveals that she entered into the colony to save the people. But the Mumbai police arrest her on the basis of Militant links. Mudaliar requests the Police officer to handover Malini to get the Mission details. Then the fact reveals that Malini is actually the daughter of Mudaliar. 15 years back Mudaliar worked as Indian Commander in Military, at that time he drops her child at Lankavi border to join as a militant, he knew that after few years, India will have threat from them. Now Mudaliar tells her daughter to eliminate the militants who create trouble in India, so Malini kills the dangerous Militants and removes the bombs and saves the colony from blasts.



Directed By : Veeru .K
Produced By: Mahesh Rathi S.N Uppalapati Kishore Rathi
Director of Photography: C. Ramprasad
Written By: Veeru K
Editor: M. R. Varma
Music: V.Gopal