Genre: Comedy

The film begins on Jagapathi (Rajendra Prasad) who falls for rapacious & vainglory girl Urmila (Rachana) who works as a lecturer in a college. Jagapathi seeks to acquire her love when fortuitously, Urmila learns Jagapathi as the son of a multi-millionaire Pichiswara Rao (Chalapathi Rao) thus she cons him into marriage lest his parents stop him. However, Pichiswara Rao realizes her character, and he shunts them out of the house. For showing herself being rich in the society she throws Jagapathi into huge debts, , which leads to turbulence between the couple and Urmila appeals for the divorce in that process ¬¬Urmila gets back her grandfather's property 1 crore through their loyal servant Tirupati and providing Urmila and her husband should sign on the documents.Now a confusion drama begins involving many characters, Abu (Brahmanandam) a thief, is behind Urmila for money, Sujikutti is presented as Jagapathi's sister and Nisha as his wife. Pasupati tries to flirt Sujikutti. The rest of the story is a comic tale that how Jagapathi teaches a lesson to Urmila, whether she will be happy after winning Rs.1 crore or realizes her mistake?



Directed By : Veeru .K
Produced By: Mahesh Rathi
Director of Photography: Gadiraju seenu
Written By: Marudhuri Raja (dialogues)
Editor: V. Nagi Reddy
Music: Veeru K